Profile Granulator LP

Profile Granulator LP 450/600Applications of NEUE HERBOLD granulators

With the NEUE HERBOLD Profile Granulator of the LP series, it is possible for the size reduction of thick, long pipes and profiles. The horizontal feed allows  the processing long profiles or pipes without deflection and without sawing.

The machine of the LP series are in the crushing of PVC profile waste such as Window profile rods used.

The profile granulators in the LP series are especially designed for the horizontal feeding of profiles with a maximum length of 6000 mm. The features and advantages of this series is the results in easy machine placement to include situation next to the extrusion line.

Design of NEUE HERBOLD granulators

Equipped are the NEUE HERBOLD Granulators LP series with a “double cross cutting geometry”. In mill housing the rotating and inclined knives work against the stator blade tilted. This cutting technique, it is possible to obtain an accurate average gap over the entire working width and a powerful low-cut at the same time low-noise operation.

Alternatively, in sealed form this series is available for the use in washing plants.

By separating the outer rotor shaft mounted from the grinding chamber without danger foreclosure is ensured to size reduction. The extreme loads keeps the welded and robust housing mill stand. Ensures the double cross cutting that the profiles are fed automatically by the multiple blade equipped rotor. Material is fed here by hand or via a feed with a roller feeder.

With the NEUE HERBOLD Pipe Granulator SR series, it is possible for the size reduction of thick, long pipes and profiles.

Advantages of NEUE HERBOLD granulators

  • heavy duty design
  • energy-saving size reduction
  • low noise level due to double-cross
  • cutting knife configuration
  • extremely high through put rates
  • easy cleaning due to clam shell
  • opening characteristics
  • reduced down time for rotor and stator knife replacement due to pre-adjusted knives

Blade adjustment jigBlade adjustment jig

The adjustment of the rotor and stator takes place outside the machine in a specially designed setting gauge. The adjusting screws in the rotor and in the mill housing are fixed at delivery that adjustment screws in the cutting blade to be adjusted according to the regrinding state. The adjustments to the cutting blade can be performed during operation of the granulator.

To preset outside the machine (with rotors with adjustable blades) an adjustment is provided, which leads to simplification of the knife adjustment and shorten machine downtime when changing knives. The correct and careful adjustment of the cutting gap is critical to the performance of the granulator.


Video – Crushing profiles


Technical overview / Performance data

PDF-ICONProfile Granulators types  
Profile Granulator type LP 450/600  
Profile Granulator type LP 450/1000  
Profile Granulator type SP 300/300  
Profile Granulator type SP 300/500  
Profile Granulator type SP 450/300  
Profile Granulator type SP 450/600  
Profile Granulator type SP 600/600  
Profile Granulator type SP 450/1000  

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