Granulator SMV

SMV600_1000S5Design of NEUE HERBOLD granulators

The granulators of the SMV series are fitted with the known advantages of the double cross cutting process.

The well constructed rotor stator blade system is the actual tool with which the power is increased considerably.

The compact design of the granulator SMV is a clearly visible design feature, which allows flexible use with low space requirements.

The slanting and rotating blades also work against the inclined fixed knives in the mill housing. A precise cutting gap over the entire working width guarantees an economical operation with smooth running. By the unbreakable constructed mill housing the granulator maintains the very high requirements in operation.

Applications of NEUE HERBOLD granulators

The granulators of SMV series are designed for universal use.

The SMV granulators are designed to perform the diverse requirements of a technically modern recycling operation.

Through the easy retooling the SMV is suitable for the following, various size reduction:

  • forms of hollow bodied parts from various types of plastics.
  • Size reduction film of BOPP/BOPET/PP in-line and off-line
  • PP-big bag and bottle crates
  • sheet applications

Advantages of NEUE HERBOLD granulators

  • universal application useage
  • reduced space requirement due to compact design
  • energy-saving size reduction
  • low noise level due to double-cross cutting knife configuration
  • easy cleaning due to clam shell opening characteristics
  • higher through put rates
  • reduced down time for rotor and stator knife replacement due to pre-adjusted knives

Blade adjustment jigBlade adjustment jig

The setting of the rotor and stator takes place outside the machine in a jig. For rotors with adjustable blades and for presetting outside the machine a special adjustment is included. This aims at reducing machine downtime and to simplify the blade setting. A careful adjustment of the cutting gap is an important prerequisite for the efficiency of the granulator. Decisive for the right size of the cutting gap are the mill size, the rotor type and the material to be shredded. The cutting gap is the distance between the cutting edge of the rotor blade and the cutting edge of the stator blade.

Technical specifications of NEUE HERBOLD granulators
Type A
Granulator type LMV 450/600 1233 2150 578 1500 600  
Granulator type SMV 450/1000 1385 2150 990 2055 600  
Granulator type SMV 600/1000 1440 2580 990 2055 720  
Granulator type SMV 800/1200 1960 2680 1150 2250 940  
Granulator type SMV 800/1600 2051 2800 1560 2840 940  
Granulator type SMV 800/2000 1858 3264 1970 3266 940  

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