Fines Separator HS

Fines SeparatorApplication
NEUE HERBOLD fines separator HS Series are capable of removing not only the dust form rigid granulate but also can be applied for removal of dust and fluff (for example in HDPE blow moulding waste or injection moulding waste). The separated fine material is discharged into a container to ensure a dust free environment.

The HS Series separator operates using the free fall concept. There is no flow separation between material input and output. Therefore retrofitting the HS fines separator into a presently operating system is very simple. The degree of material separation is fully adjustable through regulation of a side mounted butterfly valve.

The HS unit is quick and easy to clean making it ideal to use during material and / or colour changes. Since the material discharge is pressure free, the effectiveness of a metal separator below the free fall separator is greater.

The HS series is available in normal steel as well as in stainless steel.

Fines Separator type HS 300    
Fines Separator type HS 500