Pulverizer ZM

ZM 500Applications of NEUE HERBOLD pulverizers

NEUE HERBOLD ZM series pulverizers are designed for the pulverizing of mid-hard, brittle to high impact plastics that require the final material to be in powder form.
Typical applications are pulverizing of:

  • PE granules
  • PVC granules
  • PC granules and other various types of plastics

The required pulverizer input material must be in a granulate form with a
maximum size of 6-8 mm (1/4-5/16 in.).

Design of NEUE HERBOLD pulverizers

The ZM series pulverizers ares a extremely high out put unit can be supplied with automatic temperature control. The material to be pulverized is vibro feeder fed into fixed and high speed rotating pulverizer (pulveriser) discs.

In conjunction with a integrated inner disc that material is centrifically forced through the pulverizer discs to the outer chamber for discharge with a down stream material transport system.

ZM 500 with sound insulation cabin

NEUE HERBOLD ZM series pulverizers (pulverisers) operate without a screening machine. The specific final powder size is dependent on the teeth configuration and the adjustable gap between the pulverizers (pulveriser) discs.

In the event that the application requires a maximum particle size,
a screening machine can be easily integrated into the system.

Advantages of NEUE HERBOLD pulverizers

  • extremely high through put rates
  • minimal thermal material stress
  • longer disc life and reduced re-sharpening costs
  • quick and easy disc adjustment and replacement
  • cost effective operation




Video – Pulverizer – Type ZM


Technical overview / Performance data

Type A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) PDF-ICON
Pulverizer type ZM 300 1350 1050 1045  
Pulverizer type ZM 500 1685 1430 1180  
Pulverizer type ZM 800 2260 1140 1760  



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