Granulator with force feeding device

Granulator with force feeding deviceTo increase the through-put rate of a granulator used for size reduction of loose, unpressed plastics a force feeding technique was developed.

A screw conveyor is utilized for a technically optimized material feed.

Via conveyor the material is fed in the feed hopper. The transport to the grinding chamber is now no longer only based on the principle of gravitation – in fact the material is now fed to the grinding chamber by one / or more vertically assembled screws. Depending on the required granulator size the number of screws, the rotation speed as well as the drive capacity can vary. A transport screw equiped with a load-dependent control as well as a frequency converter prevents a rotor blockage caused by material accumulation. This results in a throughput rate which is ideal for the processed material. The wear protected design of the transport screw guarantees a long lasting operation time of the machine.

Granulator with force feeding device

The features of this feeding method offer customers a number of advantages:

Wide range of application areas

Especially suitable for plastics bottles, canisters, packing materials from food production, as well as all thin walled hollow containers suitable materials for this feeding method.

Increased throughput rate

The feed hopper is equiped with a worm gear shaft which enables a continuous material feed and prevents material swerve at the same time, which results in throughput increase of up to 30%.

Increased efficiency

The accurate and constant material feed leads to an ideal utilization of the rotor capacity and supports the efficiency of the entire plant. Furthermore the material fly-out from the feed hopper is reduced which leads to complete processing of the entire material fed to the system.

Increased material feed

Due to the continuous size reduction of the material, the feed hopper is ready to receive large amounts of material. Compared with a standard granulator feed a material blockage in the hopper is almost impossible, hence the input capacity is maximized.

Decreased sound- and power peaks

The controlled material feed guarantees a constant, smooth rotor operation and therefore reduces sound peaks, which could occure by overfeeding. This constant material feed also prevents power peaks during the operation of the machine.

NEUE HERBOLD Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH offers a large range of granulators which are equiped with force feeding device.