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In product news and developments of Neue Herbold

Neue Herbold GmbH re-engineer their pulverizer ZM 800

pulverizer ZM 800The well-proven Pulverizer ZM 800 has now been renewed: In future the ZM 800 will convince its users with clever optimizations. A new machinery construction has taken place and modifications were realized which offer further operation advantages for the customer.

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Granulator with force feeding device

Granulator with force feeding deviceTo increase the through-put rate of a granulator used for size reduction of loose, unpressed plastics a force feeding technique was developed.

A screw conveyor is utilized for a technically optimized material feed.

Via conveyor the material is fed in the feed hopper. The transport to the grinding chamber is now no longer only based on the principle of gravitation – in fact the material is now fed to the grinding chamber by one / or more vertically assembled screws. Depending on the required granulator size the number of screws, the rotation speed as well as the drive capacity can vary.

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Extension of the SM Granulator Range

GROSSSCHNEIDMÜHLEN SM1000-1200NEUE HERBOLD Maschinen – und Anlagen GmbH located in Sinsheim, Germany have extended their SM granulator range by introducing the new SM1000/… machine.

The new granulator SM1000/… is completing the upper range of the SM series. This machine has a rotor diameter of 1000mm and will be offered in various widths.

This granulator type is especially designed for applications where a large throughput capacity is required or for the size reduction of large and bulky materials.

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