Screening Machine TSM

Vibratory type screeners are used primarily for screening powder formed material that requires a very fine end product. High quality plastic products: integrated into the pulverizer systems to screen the oversized material (example PE pulverizing)

  • Chemical industry
  • Plastics recycling
  • Food and spice industry

Designed as a one or numerous deck screener with continual discharge in standard steel or stainless steel.

Screener function
The material enters the inner area of the screener. Through vibration the unit creates a complete swinging effect. The swinging effect keeps the material in motion and allows the material to travel to the outer perimeter of the screener housing and simultaneously screening the fine material through the screener deck.

The vibration action of the screener is adjustable to ensure a specified duration time in the screener and therefore to control the effectiveness of the screener itself.

Screener features
The complete screening unit is mounted on a special heavy duty base equipped with ant-vibration pads. Depending on the specific application the screener is available with a automatic brush/ball self cleaning system which is used to constantly clean the screener deck surface and ensure consistent material screener through put.

The screener housing includes a visual control access door for periodic inspection of the material during the screening process. Maintenance friendly opening characteristics allow for quick and easy screen deck mesh change.

Machine Type PDF-ICON
Screening machine (vibration) type TSM 900  
Screening machine (vibration) type TSM 1200  
Screening machine (vibration) type TSM 1600  
Screening machine (vibration) type TSM 2000