Pipe Shredder

Pipe Shredder

HZR 1300/4

Application of NEUE HERBOLD Pipe Shredders

The capacity of the pipe shredder depends on the impact strength, the wall thickness of the tubes and the screen perforation.

The output per working hour is up to 3 tons with a perfect state of cutting tools. The feed of the pipe shredder is from the side by a feeding tub in front of the rotor.

An automatic and load-dependent controlled feeding system ensures the supply of the pipes to the shredder shafts. Here, the press ram is driven by a gear motor and via a  cable.

The housing of the pipe shredder comprises a stable fabricated and well welded steel construction. The housing has been provided with outwardly arranged consoles to accommodate the bearings, motors, gears and couplings.

The cutting tools are made of profiled rotors to use the cutting crowns in a V-shaped seat and two-sided usable cutting crowns and counter knifes. The rotor shafts are stored in the robust double roller bearings.

The control is via a Siemens SIMATIC S7 touchscreen panel.

HZR 1300/2


Application of NEUE HERBOLD Pipe Shredder

The NEUE HERBOLD pipe shredders type HZR are specially developed for effective pre-crushing of lumps and impact-resistant and thick-walled tubes with diameters up to 1200 mm.

Usually the HZR is followed by a granulator. These shreds the material into a fine material.

Supported by the downstream granulator the HZR reduces energy consumption by 20% – 50%, compared to the single-stage crushing. The tools of the HZR have a long durability, a key prerequisite for high profitability.




NEUE HERBOLD Pipe Shredder type HZR – size reduction of pipes and profiles up to 1200mm


Advantages of NEUE HERBOLD Pipe Shredder

  • reduced energy costs by between 20% – 50%.
  • long lifetime of the tools.
  • very good cost efficienc

Technical overview / Performance data

Shredder type HZR 1300/2 HZR 1300/4 Infosheet for Pipe-Shredder type HZR 1300/xx
  Working width approx. 1300 mm approx. 1300 mm  
  Shaft diameter approx. approx. 370 mm approx. 370 mm  
  Drive 2 x 30 kW 4 x 30 kW  
Feed Trough
for pipes with 6 meters 2 meters
  Cross section 650 x 1300 mm 1300 x 1350 mm  
  Length 6500 mm 2500 mm  
  Drive feed station 5,5 kW 5,5 kW  
  Hydraulics 4 kW 4 kW