Single Shaft Shredder HZR

Single Shaft Shredder HZR 1300-1Technology of  NEUE HERBOLD – Single Shaft Shredder

A slow-speed rotor shaft is the key feature of HZR series. The feed material is hydraulically conveyed to the cutting area of the rotor by a pusher. After reaching the end position, the pusher automatically moves back to the starting position.

For a strong pulling power, a powerful drive with mounted hydraulic clutch is built-in.

Application of NEUE HERBOLD Single Shaft Shredders

HZR Series are mainly used for:

  • pre-cutting of bales
  • pre-cutting of scrap tires
  • energetic utilization of waste as well as post consumer waste
  • pre-cutting / shredding DSD waste

Advantages of NEUE HERBOLD Single Shaft Shredders

The advantages of HZR series are:

  • automatic reverse operation
  • exchangeable knife supports
  • exchangeable cutting heads (bolted/plug-in connection)


Technical overview / Performance data

Machine type Rotor diameter (mm) Working width (mm) PDF-ICON
Type HZR 800 400 800  
Type HZR 1300 400 1300  
Type HZR 1600 600 1600