Mechanical Dryer TM

Mechanical Dryer TM 1006Application
NEUE HERBOLD – mechanical Dryer TM Series are used as a downstream component after a washing process. It is used for surface drying of the material fraction primarily for film flakes, granulate from PET bottles and other rigid types of plastics.

The wet material fraction is fed into the upper hopper located on the end of the dryer housing. The rotor of the mechanical dryer transports the material through the dryer from the inlet side to the outlet port. The angular degree of the rotor flights and the rotor speed are detrimental for the material duration time in the dryer.

Mechanical Dryer TM 1000

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The material transport occurs from one side to the other, it is transported with high speed and travels perpendicular to the flow which pushes the material towards the screen to achieve a low residual moisture content. The screen is mechanical cleaned to prevent screen blockage.

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