Washing Plant – Recycling PET Pressed Bottles

Initial requirements for the installation of a recycling system for PET Pressed Bottles are the detailed characteristics of the application.

  • Defining the amount of contamination in the applicable material
  • Defining the final usage of the finished product

Based on these specifications we would be in a position to engineer and manufacture a complete modular system for the application.

A typical system would be the processing of baled material with a throughput rate of 500 kgs/h where the bales are manually broken down and the bottles are presorted prior to initial feeding:

1. Separating belt

for separating and manually sorting the material to remove foreign substances and relieve the down stream equipment

2. Inclinded conveyor belt

to transport the material to the down stream granulator. The conveyor belt would be equipped with metal detector bridge mounted over a metal free area on the conveyor belt

3. Metal detector bridge


for detection of NE metal
and protect the granulator
and washing components




4. Granulator

LM 450 / 1000







for dry size reduction of the
material to the necessary
particle size of 10-15 mm









5. Material transport system

for pneumatic removal of the material from the granulator

6. Air separator




for separating the
labels and other
loose and foreign








7. Holding silo (FS series)



for storage and surge
purposes to allow consistent
feeding of the wash and
separation components
of the system



8. Intensive cleaner (IW / FW Series)

TM 1000




to surface clean the PET flakes








9. Diverter valve ( Option )

for diverting the material and continued transport to a separating tank or hot melt stage when applicable.

10. Separation tank (TB series)

for separation of the flakes with a specific density of < 1 g/ccm from >1 g/ccm

  • The material fraction with a specific density of > 1g/ccm (PET) is consistently transported with a discharge screw to the down stream mechanical dryer.
  • The material fraction with a specific density of
    <1 g/cbm is transported with a discharge screw to a non-usable material container.

Floating tank

11. Mechanical dryer (TM series)

for mechanical surface drying of the material flakes

12. Suction Unit

for discharging and transporting the material from the dryer

13. Thermal dryer (TT series)

TT P1250007




for final drying of the
material to the necessary
residual level for down
stream material processing





14. Fines separator (HS series)

for separation of dust and fine material to achieve a better quality final product