Holding Silos FS

Holding SilosApplication
NEUE HERBOLD Holding Silos / Film Silos FS Series are developed for the intermediate storage of material thas does not flow easily. Size reducted film (film flakes), fibres, mono and multifilaments, etc.

They differ from conventional round silos mainly because of their horizontal design with single or double discharge screws fitted horizontally to the bottom of the unit. The holding silos are fitted with three vertical walls and a forth inclined wall equipped with an agitator for loosening the material.

A quick summary of the advantages associated with the horizontal design:

  • no vertical screw, large base area, higher construction means greater volume
  • greatly reduced power consumption, agitator breakages due to overloading are avoided
  • dust free direct feed without a cyclone separator – better filling and easier dust separation possible
  • lower operating costs for electricity and maintenance
  • no drive gear for an agitator mounted under the silo that would be difficult to protect against moisture and fines