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Separation Tanks TB

Separation TanksThe NEUE HERBOLD – Separation Tanks Type TB are used for separation of  plastics with various densities, primarily for film flakes, granulate from  PET bottles and other rigid types of plastics. Depending on the application, floating particles like film falkes or sinking particles like PET bottle flakes are separated from other high density plastics. The standard separation tanks are manufactured from stainless steel 1.4301.

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Granulator LM

Schneidmühle LM  450_1000 S5NEUE HERBOLD LM series granulators are specially designed for the size reduction of voluminous, thin walled materials.

LM series granulators are designed with rotor and stator knives that are counter angled to each other producing a true scissors type cutting action. This design results in a cleaner more uniform granulate and reduced heat build up in the granulate. Double angle cut also reduces noise emissions and energy consumption.

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Granulator SR-LP

NEUE HERBOLD SR + LP series granulators are designed and manufactured for the size reduction of full length profiles and pipes eliminating the need to pre-cut the material into shorter lengths.

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Pulverizer ZM

ZM 500The NEUE HERBOLD ZM series pulverizer (pulveriser) is a extremely high out put unit can be supplied with automatic temperature control. The material to be pulverized is vibro feeder fed into fixed and high speed rotating pulverizer (pulveriser) discs.

In conjunction with a integrated inner disc that material is centrifically forced through the pulverizer (pulveriser) discs to the outer chamber for discharge with a down stream material transport system.

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