Granulator LM

Granulator LM  450_1000 S5Application of NEUE HERBOLD granulators

Equipped with “double cross cutting geometry”, the cutting mill LM produces a cleaner and more uniform granulate. In the mill housing, the rotor blades, and the slanted opposite stator knives are angeled to each other. The operation of this double cross-section ensures precise cutting gap along the full working width. In addition to lower noise, the thermal load of the supplied material is reduced hereby. Furthermore, the granulators of this series LM are extremely resilient. Housing parts, rotor shaft, blade supports and bearings are constructed with high redundancy.

The externally mounted rotor shaft is separated from the grinding chamber and housed in pedestal bearings outside. Hereby an effective foreclosure is ensured. The dust particles can not pass from the grinding chamber into the bearing. This increases the mileage of the rotor bearing and thus reduces their early wear. Also additional heating of the interior grinding chamber by the heat the bearings is thus prevented.

Areas of NEUE HERBOLD granulators

The NEUE HERBOLD granulator LM line is especially suitable for shredding bulky plastic waste with thin to medium wall thickness. They are robust and low-noise machines, designed for medium loads.

Typical application of this granulator series is:

  • size reduction of loose film ( in-line edge trims)
  • size reduction of hollow containers
  • size reduction of barrels
  • size reduction of crates
  • size reduction of PVC pipes
  • size reduction of thin-walled PE/PP pipes
  • size reduction of profiles (windowprofiles,…)
  • size reduction of automotive bumpers
  • size reduction of web scrap
  • size reduction of injection moulding waste
  • size reduction of thermoforming scrap etc.

Advantages of NEUE HERBOLD granulators

The downtime of the machine cuts down on the time of removal and installation of the knives. The time-consuming and tedious setting in the mill is past. Typically, an easy knife change with impact wrench is possible. The granulator is built low, the mill housing is divided diagonally.

  • less space consuming
  • energy-saving size reduction
  • low noise level due to double-cross cutting knife configuration
  • easy cleaning at color and material changes
  • reduced down time for rotor and stator knife replacement due to pre-adjusted knives

Blade adjustment jigKnife setting of granulators

The adjustment of the rotor and stator takes place outside the machine in a specially designed setting jig. The adjusting screws in the rotor and in the mill housing are fixed at delivery, the adjustment screws in the cutting blade will be adjusted according to the regrinding state. While the cutting mill is still in use, the adjustments of the cutting blades can be made.

An adjustment is (only for rotors with adjustable blades) provided for presetting outside the machine, which leads to simplification of the knife adjustment and shorten machine downtime when changing knives. Critical to the performance of the cutting mill is the correct and careful adjustment of the cutting gap. The feed material, as well as the mill size and the rotor design are essential factors for the correct size of the cutting gap.

Technical specifications of NEUE HERBOLD granulators

PDFGranulator LM


PDFGranulator LM
with suctin nozzels


Granulator type LM 300/300 810 1340 290 1110 500
Granulator type LM 300/500 810 1340 490 1310 500
Granulator type LM 300/800 810 1340 790 1610 500
Granulator type LM 300/1000 785 1760 980 1650 500
Granulator type LM 300/1500 785 1720 1430 2040 500
Granulator type LM 450/600 921 2150 578 1500 600
Granulator type LM 450/1000 921 2230 980 1900 600
Granulator type LM 450/1200 928 2260 1154 2074 600
Granulator type LM 600/1000 1180 2670 980 2055 710
Granulator type LM 600/1200 1180 2670 1154 2074 710

PDFDouble Cross Scissors Cut