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In addition to the Pre Size-Reduction and the Size-Reduction, the fine grinding is used to obtain the required granulates. For this purpose, pulverizers of the ZM series are used. The baffle disk grinders, which are especially designed for this purpose, enable the fine grinding or pulverization of medium hard, brittle or impact resistant plastics (for example PE, PVC, PC).

The particle size of the material to be processed and crushed should not exceed the range of 6 to 8 mm for an optimal fine grinding of the grinding material. Basic materials can, for example, be grinding stock made from crushed window profile waste or pipe waste, etc. The grinding stock is preferably fed through a silo with discharge support to the storage container of the metering device. Full or empty sensors in the storage container control the feed automatically. The grinding stock will be fed through a load dependent controllable metering device to the baffle disk of the NEUE HERBOLD.

The grinding stock will be supplied in form of granulate into the high performance pulverizer. Afterwards, the powder will be transported pneumatically. The plastic powder can now be classified through a downstream sieving. Among others, inductive metal separators are placed upstream of the grinding process to separate metallic or magnetic contamination. Visual separating systems are offered to remove aluminum and other non-magnetic contaminations.

The granulate will be accelerated by the centrifugal forces in the thrower ring and it will be driven through the grinding disks. The NEUE HERBOLD pulverizers work without sieves. The oversize particles found through sieving will be returned to the pulverizer for additional grinding until the required final grain size has been achieved. The NEUE HERBOLD pulverizer disks are easily accessible and maintenance friendly. As an option, they include a temperature control, which can reduce temperatures during the crushing through water mists. The supplied moisture is removed through the exhaust air.

The benefits of the NEUE HERBOLD grinders include mainly the high cost effectiveness due to the high throughputs, the low thermal stresses of the grinding stock and the long service life of the tools. Another benefit is the fast and easy exchange and the readjustment of the tools.

Qualified noise protection cabins are part of our offering and the project planning.
Our cutting mills are certified in accordance with the CE safety standards.

Pulverizer ZM

ZM 500The NEUE HERBOLD ZM series pulverizer (pulveriser) is a extremely high out put unit can be supplied with automatic temperature control. The material to be pulverized is vibro feeder fed into fixed and high speed rotating pulverizer (pulveriser) discs.

In conjunction with a integrated inner disc that material is centrifically forced through the pulverizer (pulveriser) discs to the outer chamber for discharge with a down stream material transport system.

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