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Granulator SX

Granulator SX 800 / 1200NEUE HERBOLD SX series granulators are specially designed for extremely high output applications.

When utilizing a 800 mm (32 in.) rotor diameter in conjunction with a 2000 mm (79 in.) rotor width and 315 kw (425 hp) drive motor depending on the specific screen size through put rates of 15,000 kgs/h (33,000 lbs/h) can be achieved.

SX series granulators are designed with rotor and stator knives that are “V“ or chevron formed counter angled to each other producing a true scissors type cutting action.

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Granulator SMV

SMV600_1000S5NEUE HERBOLD SMV series granulators are specially designed for all universal types of applications. Through simple modification the SMV series granulators can be used for size reduction of forms of hollow bodied parts from various types of plastics, of film of BOPP/BOPET/PP in-line, off-line and sheet applications, PP-big bag and bottle crates 

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Guillotine Shears

NEUE HERBOLD GS series guillotines are used for the pre-size reduction of monofilament bales such as from fibre, bands or tapes, tacky film packages, extremely large lumps, start-up purgings or rubber bales.

Guillotine Shears series guillotines rigid all welded construction. The guillotine knife is mounted in a double sided channel and operates with two oversized hydraulic cylinders which meet the horizontal stator bar. The stator bar is fully adjustable to insure a precise and exact cut of the baled material.

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