Recycling of Film Waste PE / PP

Initial requirements for the installation of a system for Recycling of Film Waste are the detailed characteristics of the application:

  • Defining the amount of spoilage or contamination in the applicable material
  • Defining the final usage of the finished product

Based on these specifications we would be in a position to engineer and manufacture a complete modular system for the application.

Typical system for processing baled material:

1. Pre-size reduction ( Single-Shaft-Shredder / Two-Shaft-Shredder / Bale Breaker )


for breakdown and/or size reducing
the baled film waste.
The slow rotating pre-size reducer
is equipped with a large capacity
in-feed hopper which will accept
numerous bales for the
pre-size reduction process



2. Discharge conveyor belt

for removal of the size-reduced material from the pre-size reducer

3. High efficient air aspirator (HS series)

is positioned above the discharge
belt for separation of coarse
foreign material from the
material flow and to protect
the down stream components







4. Flake silo (FS series)




for pre-storage and consistent
feeding of the down stream




5. Pre-soaking screw



for preparation of the
material to the next
stage intensive cleaner






6. Intensive cleaner (IW series)




for intensive surface
removal of the water
solfable foreign
from the material



7. Suction Unit

for removal of the material from the intensive cleaner and transport to the down stream granulator

8. Granulator

WA 02



for size-reduction
of the material to
the final product size





9. Suction Unit

for removal of the material from the granulator

10. Separation tank (TB series)








11. Diverter screw

for transport and diversion of the material to the down stream dryer

12. Mechanical dryer (TM series)

TM 1006


for mechanical
surface drying
of the product





13. Thermal dryer (TT series)

TT P1250007




for final drying of the
film flakes to a residual
moisture content of
less then 1% in weight





Recycling of Film WasteRecycling of Film Waste

Flow chart DSD film waste