Range of Products

Overview of our Range of Products

Shredder / Pre-size-reduction

One Shaft Shredder HZR series for
pre-size reduction of bales
pre-size reduction of scrap tires
pre-size reduction of energetic utilization of waste
pre-size reduction of post consumer waste

Two Shaft Shredder
ZRM series for
pre-size reduction of large respectively bulky materials like films
pre-size reduction of scrap tires
pre-size reduction of barrels

Polystyrene Shredder RL series for
size reduction of expanded polystyrene (EPS)

size reduction of PUR foam

Bale Breaker / Screw Shredder
SB series
pre-size reduction of pallets

pre-size reduction of cable drums
pre-size reduction of insulation matting material
pre-size reduction of porous concrete blocks
breakdown of baled material (bottles etc.)

Guillotines GS series
pre-size reduction of baled or loose fibre
pre-size reduction of bands
pre-size reduction of tacky film bales
pre-size reduction of oversized purgings
pre-size reduction of rubber bales

Granulators / Cutting Mills

Granulators LM series
size reduction of loose film ( in-line edge trims)
size reduction of hollow containers
size reduction of barrels
size reduction fo crates
size reduction of PVC pipes
size reduction of thin-walled PE/PP pipes
size reduction of profiles
size reduction of automotive bumpers
size reduction of web scrap
size reduction of injection moulding waste
size reduction of thermoforming scrap etc.

SM series
size reduction of massive purgings start-up lumps
size reduction of rubber bales
size reduction of fibre
size reduction of massive profiles
size reduction of thickwalled pipes
size reduciton of thickwalled sheet
size reduction of thick packages of films etc.

Granulators SMV / SX
size reduction of thin films (BOPP / BOPET etc.)
size reduction of heat sensitive materials
size reduction of tapes
size reduction of big-bags etc.

Granulators SR + LP series
size reduction of profiles (window profiles etc.) of 6 meter (20 ft.) length
size reduction of pipes of 6 meter (20 ft.) length

Pulverizers (Pulverisers) / Fine Grinders

Pulverizers (Pulverisers) ZM series
Pulverizing of U-PVC, PE, PC, PMMA etc.

Hammer Mills HM series
Size reduction of brittle materials, electronic scrap, (computer hard and software) wood,
insulation material, tyres etc.

Wet granulators and recycling systems for contaminated materials

For the recycling of contaminated plastic waste NEUE HERBOLD designs, manufactures and supplies plants in modular concepts, tailor-made to customers individual requirements. NEUE HERBOLD’s system engineering ranges from size reduction (in wet or dry technique) to separation and deposition of foreign substances, as well as cleaning of the plastic flakes / granules right up to mechanical drying or thermal drying of the produced plastic flakes / granules.

In this area of application NEUE HERBOLD offers recycling systems for example:

PE/PP bottle waste with throughput rates of 250 / 500 / 1000 and 2000 kg/h
PE/PP film scrap (agricultural film as well as film waste which as been sorted out
in a separating process) at a throughput rate of 500 / 1000 and 2000 kg/h
PET bottle recycling with throughput rates of up to 2000 kg/h
Systems for recycling of special applications such as batteries.

The below listed Range of Products is offered to improve customers individually
installed systems or to complete turnekey washing plants – and recycling plants

Silos FS series
for storage purposes and to enable a consistant feeding of the down stream components

Separation tanks TB series
for separation of flakes with different specific density

FW series
used to wash plastic materials such as film flakes, granulate to include PET bottle flakes and other types of rigid plastics.

Intensive-washer IW series
used for surface washing of the granulates an films

Mechanical Dryer
TM series
used for mechanical surface drying

Thermal Dryer
TT series
designed to achieve a final moisture of 1% or less

Fines separator
HS series
for the removal of dust and fluff from regrind

Screening machines TSM
for screening to a certain particle size

Recycling of valuable substances

Cable recycling ( Size reduction and separation of plastics and metal )
Systems for size reduction of glass wool / mineral wool
Systems for size reduction of foam mortar / calcaeous sandstones
Systems for size reduction wood / wooden paletts

Accessories / Service / Repairs / Spare parts

We also supply the up- and downstream components such as:
conveyor belts, metal detectors, overhead-magnet, tipping devices, transport screws, reciprocation screen, suction devices, cascade sifters, metal separation, air extraction systems / fines separator etc.

We also service, repair and supply spare parts for your size reduction machinery, even if your present equipment was not bought from NEUE HERBOLD.