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The first step in the recycling process, from large to small to the finest size: Pre Size-Reduction, Size-Reduction and fine grinding

The basis for the reuse / the recycling is the use of correctly sorted materials. A multi-stage process and different methods for the coarse crushing are required to achieve the required grain sizes during the pre size-reduction. Coarse and heavy machines for crushing and cutting prepare the first steps. Different shredders, crushers and scissors are used for the pre size-reduction during the processing of waste to recycling material. Through appropriate crushing, our machines and crushing plants produce materials based on waste materials.

The shredders/crushers of NEUE HERBOLD Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH are used in many application areas. These include the single and two shaft shredders/multi-shaft shredders that can be used to process large materials to be crushed, such as large bales, pressed bales, plastic barrels, IBCs, etc. Single shaft shredders are typically used for thepre size-reduction of large quantities / large volume bulky materials and for the pre-crushing of massive lumps or massive bales, which are reduced to the required final size in additional steps.

Pipe shredders are used for the pre size-reduction of thick-walled and impact resistant plastic pipes. Styrofoam shredders or hammer mills are used for the processing of styrofoam and insulation materials. Our screw shredders can pre-crush pallets, approach bales, large cable drums, insulation materials plates, YTONG-Stones and lime bricks as well as other bulky wastes and materials.

The shredder crushes and conditions even entire bales, ribbon, bottles or plastic household waste for the Size-Reduction. In addition, guillotine shears are used, which split the material to be crushed (for example, fisherman’s ropes, rubber bales, etc.).

We offer solutions, machines and systems, which make a state of the art and effective plastics recycling possible. Recycling – pre size-reduction with NEUE HERBOLD solutions – to achieve optimal results for the downstream processing processes. Plastics recycling (thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics and elastomers), wood recycling, etc.

We are the experienced partner in the recycling industry for the size-reduction technology. We produce complete solutions of pre size-reduction and size-reduction, washing plantss, separation- and drying- systems as well as fine grinding. 

Recycling with NEUE HERBOLD machines –  always using state of the art technologies.

Single Shaft Shredder HZR

Single Shaft Shredder HZR 1300-1NEUE HERBOLD – Single Shaft Shredders HZR Series are mainly used for pre-cutting of bales, scrap , tires
energetic utilization of waste as well as post consumer waste.

The Single Shaft Shredder are equiped with a slow operation rotor. A hydraulically controlled ram feeder transports the feeding material into the cutting area of the rotor.

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Two Shaft Shredder ZRM

Two Shaft Shredder RM1100-2_3NEUE HERBOLD – Two Shaft Shredders ZRM

Series are used for pre-cutting of large amounts of material, or bulky materials like film, scrap tires, random plastic waste or drums.

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Polystyrene Shredder RL

Polystyrene ShredderNEUE HERBOLD – Polystyrene shredders RL Series are used for size reduction of EPS and PUR Foam.

Unlike the granulators for size reduction of plastics, the RL shredder operates with a cross beater rotor, without rotor knives, in order to maintain the cell structure of the material.

The granulate size is determined by the distance between the cutting instruments as well as the screen hole size.

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Screw Shredder

SB-AnlageNEUE HERBOLD SB screw shredder / bale breaker is engineered and manufactured with a two fold main function. Its heavy duty design makes it ideal for the size reduction of voluminous materials, wooden pallets, cable drums, sheets of insulation, porous building blocks and when used in the PET bottle size reduction can easily and effectively achieve a cluster free break down of PET baled bottles.

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Pipe Shredder

Pipe ShredderThe NEUE HERBOLD Shredder Type HZR 1300/4 is especially designed for the effective pre-cutting of thick-walled, high impact pipe up to a maximum of 1200 mm diameter, 6 m in length as well as for start-up lumps.

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Guillotine Shears

NEUE HERBOLD GS series guillotines are used for the pre-size reduction of monofilament bales such as from fibre, bands or tapes, tacky film packages, extremely large lumps, start-up purgings or rubber bales.

Guillotine Shears series guillotines rigid all welded construction. The guillotine knife is mounted in a double sided channel and operates with two oversized hydraulic cylinders which meet the horizontal stator bar. The stator bar is fully adjustable to insure a precise and exact cut of the baled material.

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