Polystyrene Shredder RL

Polystyrene ShredderTechnology of NEUE HERBOLD Polystyrene shredders

To maintain the cell structure of the material to be shredded, the starting materials are crushed with a cross beater rotor without knife. This is in general a different working method as in size-reduction of ordinary plastics with a rotor with attached knives.

The determination of the particle size is done by adjusting the spacing of the ridge and the selected screen holes.


Application of NEUE HERBOLD Polystyrene shredders

The RL series is specifically and particularly designed for a time-saving disposal and recycling of bulky styrofoam waste and vast capacities of insulation materials. The styrofoam shredders of NEUE HERBOLD are mainly in the size reduction of EPS and PUR foams.



Detail of: Single Shaft Shredder for styrofoam.


Advantages of NEUE HERBOLD Polystyrene shredders

  • low wear and tear costs due to knifeless operation
  • high throughput rates
  • ultimate final product





NEUE HERBOLD manufactures and sells machinery and equipment for crushing, separation, purification and drying of various secondary raw materials. We are the experienced in recycling and size-reduction technology. We manufacture complete machinery of pre-size reduction-systems, shredding and pulverisation. As a competent partner in the plastics industry we provide our customers with quality made in Germany.


Technical overview / Performance data

Machine type Rotor diameter (mm) Working width (mm)
Polystyrene shredder type RL100 600 1300