Available rotor types for our Granulators

Since not every rotor is ideally suited for every task, the NEUE HERBOLD offers variants. So it is possible to meet the needs of our customers. The following list gives an overview of types and characteristics of these variants. In our detailed reference   numbers the design and the blade row number is included – for example: SM 600/1000-S5-3.

Rotor Design Application  

Rotor design L

Available rotor designs:
Typ L3
Typ L4
Typ L6

for size reduction of thin walled plastics,
hollow products, runners and sprues
as well as thin film


Rotor design S

Available rotor designs:
Typ S3
Typ S5
Typ S7
Typ S9

for size reduction of medium weight
plastics like canisters, bottle crates, etc.


Rotor design SP

Available rotor designs:
Typ SP5
Typ SP7
Typ SP9

V-shaped design, for size reduction of film rotortypen-SP

Rotor design SX

the application field ranges from size
reduction of film, filaments, PP-big-bags,
bottle crates or hollow products up to
the recycling of BOPP/BOPET/PP

Rotor design H

Available rotor designs:
Typ H3
Typ H5
Typ H7
Typ H9

for size reduction of thick walled plates,
medium thick pipe etc.

Rotor design HV

Available rotor designs:
Typ N5
Typ N7
Typ N9

for size reduction of solid plastics like
start-up lumps, thick walled plastics etc.

Rotor design N

Available rotor designs:
Typ N5
Typ N7
Typ N9

especially for size reduction of plastics
with metal components and soiled post
consumer waste


Rotor design F

Available rotor designs:
Typ F9
Typ FP12

especially designed rotor for the
size reduction of window profile

Rotor design G

Available rotor designs:
Typ G3
Typ G4

special rotor for size reduction of fibres
and temperature susceptible materials
like rubber, etc.

Rotor design A

Available rotor designs:
Typ A6
Typ A8
Typ A12

for size reduction of thick walled plates and pipes rotortypen-A

Rotor design M

Available rotor designs:
Typ M3
Typ M5

wrought rotor designed for size reduction of
extremely hard plastics like pipes and plates

Rotor design HM


hammer-mill rotor for size reduction of glass
wool, rock wool and brittle plastics