Guillotine Shears

GuilotineschereDesign of NEUE HERBOLD Guillotine Shears

The special features include the rigid welded frame of the guillotine shears. The separation is effected by cutting pressure. The knife is mounted in a massive two-sided guide gap and moved by two oversized hydraulic cylinders against a stator.

A complete separation of the material portion is guaranteed by the precise adjustable stops of the splitting blade, this allows optimal and cost-effective pre-portioning. By setting of the hydraulic the cutting-force can be adapted to the material to be processed. Optionally, the material portion can be chosen via a hydraulically controlled stop.

Applications of NEUE HERBOLD Guillotine Shears

The NEUE HERBOLD Guillotine Shears are specifically designed for the processing of special wastes such as fiber-bales, tapes, fishing nets, innerconnected adhesive films as well as large chunks or even rubber bales.

The guillotine shears are used to:

  • Pre-portioning of multifilament fibers from bales
  • Pre-portioning of bales of tapes
  • Pre-portioning of each adhesive films
  • Pre-portioning of large clumps
  • Pre-portioning of bales of rubber etc.



Advantages of NEUE HERBOLD Guillotine Shears

The welded frame construction offers as opposed to a bolted frame construction the particular advantage of its rigidity and thus completely maintenance free.

The enclosed sides ensures optimum safety without hindering accessibility to for maintenance.




Other benefits include:

  • precise adjustment of the vertical knife
  • double sided frame construction
  • vertical knife complete enclosed for safety
  • fully adjustable stroke, knife speed and cutting pressure
  • double sided knife channel
  • two cylinder operation to insure true knife operation


Technical overview / Performance data

Type Working Height (mm) Working Width (mm Motor (kw) Cycle Time/min Cutting Force Tons Weight (kg) PDF-ICON
Guillotine type GS 1500/1000 1000 1500 22-37 2-3 up to 20 4500  
Guillotine type GS 1500/1200 1200 1500 22-37 2-3 up to 20 5500  
Guillotine type GS 2000/1500 1500 2000 37-45 2-3 up to 40 7000  


Product video

Example: Crushing of fishing nets