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Separation Tanks TB

Separation TanksThe NEUE HERBOLD – Separation Tanks Type TB are used for separation of  plastics with various densities, primarily for film flakes, granulate from  PET bottles and other rigid types of plastics. Depending on the application, floating particles like film falkes or sinking particles like PET bottle flakes are separated from other high density plastics. The standard separation tanks are manufactured from stainless steel 1.4301.

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Cascade Sifter ZS

The NEUE HERBOLD series cascade sifter (zig-zag sifter) is utilized for the separation of various types of materials for example; materials that must be separated for environmental reasons, separation for better quality or separation for further processing.

Material separation with the cascade sifter function is as follows:

The input material is “agitated“ through its own weight on the angled walls in a upward direction. At each individual bend on the sifter wall the material must pass through the air current for it to reach the next level. The input material moves in a vertical direction to the air current which created a diagonal air flow.

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